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Metanomi AI Assistant
Creators shortcut to more Creative Time.


Unleash Creativity:

Metanomi bot handles the admin


Brand Safety & Negotiation

Feel confident in your collaborations. Our chatbot assists in vetting potential brand partners, ensuring their values align with yours, and supports you in negotiations, helping you secure the best possible deals.

Administrative Efficiency

Streamline your workflow. From scheduling meetings to reviewing contracts, our chatbot handles the administrative heavy lifting. This lets you focus more on creativity and less on logistics, enhancing your overall productivity.

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Save up to 75% of your time 

Be part of community of experts and creators


AI Tech

Time-Saving AI

Slash up to 75% of your time on scheduling, messaging, and deal negotiations. Our AI streamlines these tasks, freeing you to focus more on creative endeavors.

Smart Brand Negotiations

Enhance your deal-making with AI that learns from your history. Get personalized support for negotiations, ensuring each deal reflects your past successes.

Community & Expertise

Connect with a community of creators and experts. Gain insights and advice on creative life, benefiting from collective wisdom and experience.

Fast responses to your clients

Effortlessly maintain client engagement with our AI's rapid response feature. It ensures timely and accurate replies to client queries, boosting your responsiveness and client satisfaction.

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