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Launch and Execute your Influencer Marketing campaigns with Short Video expert precision

Guided by Noel Nuez, who led TikTok app launch and growth in 15 markets and brings experience from Twitter and Google, our agency excels in delivering impactful influencer marketing campaigns. Our proven expertise and effective strategies ensure brands achieve success on a global scale. Trust us to transform your vision into results-driven campaigns

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Defining goals together

The journey begins with an initial call where we define your campaign goals. Whether it’s showcasing your brand, reaching new audiences, generating downloads, launching products, or promoting events, our team is dedicated to understanding your needs. We help you identify the best video platforms (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or Douyin among others) and narratives that align with your campaign objectives and market.


Selection of creators/influencers

We then move to selecting the right creators from our vast network of over 20,000 influencers worldwide. This step includes identifying emerging talent, ensuring a perfect match for your brand’s voice and campaign goals.


Presentation of proposal

Our team presents a curated list of potential creators for your brand's approval. This step ensures that the influencers align with your brand’s ethos and campaign objectives.


Briefing session and Video narrative definition

Once creators are finalized, we conduct a detailed briefing to align them with your brand identity and campaign needs. This step is crucial for ensuring that the content produced resonates with your target audience while staying true to your brand.


Reporting & Possible Content amplification (ads)

After the campaign, we provide a comprehensive report of the results. Additionally, we explore opportunities for content amplification through targeted ads, showcasing the best organic content to maximize your campaign’s reach and impact.

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